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For more than 40 years a household name in the world of packaging ...


Delkeskamp manufactures corrugated board, EPS and E-POR packaging at two locations in Germany, viz. Nortrup and Hannover, and at one location in the ZCech Republic, Odry.

We provide two types of packaging: transport packaging and packaging for consumer goods.
With Transport packaging the focus is on protection. Products/contents have to reach their destination without any damage. Therefore packaging needs to be designed in such a way that it provides maximum protection during transport.

The production of consumer goods packaging, however, focuses on an appealing look. Our advanced printing methods guarantee highly attractive shelf-ready packaging. We can meet any printing and colour requirements, using both Flexo or Flexo HighEnd, and Offset printing techniques.

We manufacture packaging in a wide variety of designs and dimensions, using various types of papers and grammages , and using corrugated boards with various corrugation types (C, B, E, T and combinations of these, such as double-face corrugation and single-face corrugation).


For more than 40 years a household name in the world of packaging ...

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